Evolution of DWVC

How did Designer Way Vacation Club start, where did it come from?

During 1994 the original team that now form the principles of Designer Way Vacation Club were heavily involved in the sales and development of timeshare. Although they believed that timeshare was a fantastic concept and offered very high standards of quality accommodation, it proved in actual practice that the benefits that were sold along side the basic product of a week in an apartment did not perform anywhere near expectations or potential. Despite being financially very successful in their activities they were never comfortable with the exaggerated way in which the product is sold which resulted in the team feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

The situation the team found themselves in, feeling frustrated and dissatisfied lead to lots of soul searching and physical searching for an improved product.

In mid 1998 this resulted in the team, which by now consisted of around forty individuals ranging all the way from Directors, Middle Managers, Administration to Sales and Marketing personnel, commencing a wholesale and retail sales and marketing company for a holiday club. The concept of the holiday club was and remains exactly the product that today’s holiday consumer wants, hence sales rocketed. However, very quickly the team discovered that the actual performance of the holiday club again left a lot to be desired so they approached the principles of the holiday club with a view to bringing their business experience and expertise to bear in the field of reservations and fulfilment. This approach met with a flat refusal and a denial of any problem, the writing was on the wall!

The team realised that to have a product that met the standards they required they would have to create it themselves so during mid 1999 planning and preparation started in earnest.

By the end of 1999 the team had acquired Timelinx which at the time was an internet based exchange company for timeshare owners and despite being established since 1994 had struggled to become no more than an internet site without any substantial physical operational reservation centre in the real World.

The team then began to build the new product by taking the best ingredients from Timeshare, Tour operators, Holiday Clubs, Technology and Customer services to produce a workable recipe for success.

State of the art reservations centres were then developed under the Pro Travel Solutions banner staffed by friendly efficient well trained staff who have taken care of customer services for Designer Way Vacation Club ever since.

In mid 2000 after a year of concentrated effort on development, sales of the new product commenced both wholesale and retail. The teams efforts resulted in producing an enviable product that appealed to today’s discerning holiday consumer and delivered customer satisfaction.

They had succeeded were many others had failed and today are generally accepted as being the company that “Invented the real deal” as far as holiday clubs are concerned. In June 2002 the product was further enhanced, with a name change, the addition of many new benefits and a redesign of the membership benefits package to contain high quality hard back books.

Since Designer Way Vacation Club’s conception it has become a work in progress a hot bed of innovation with many new benefits including online bookings, consumer discounts, membership magazines etc, the test of time has elevated it to being the leading product in the holiday membership industry.