The Concept

Saving Money

The concept of Designer Way Vacation Club is very simple, we are a holiday and consumer discount membership club and we have attained our success through three main areas:

Buying power of the membership

This is the simplest fact involved in the concept. An individual purchasing any item will pay the normal retail price. We, however, have the collective purchasing power of a constantly growing membership of thousands of families, enabling us to purchase in bulk and in advance at the very best prices available. We then pass these benefits on to our members. So, the saying the more the merrier certainly applies to us!

Eliminating traditional marketing and development costs

A traditional package tour operator will construct the price of a holiday based on the necessary ingredients such as accommodation, flights and transfers. In this we are no different. However the price of traditional package holidays also include a substantial amount of marketing and development costs.

A traditional tour operator takes the necessary ingredients of a holiday and having achieved this with at least three months to a year of forward planning has to then set about retailing and marketing the finished product. This involves printing brochures, finding a network of travel agents to display them, paying staff to ensure that the brochures are prominently displayed and paying the travel agents up to 20% of the retail price in commission. National advertising campaigns are also undertaken to expose the product to the general public and promote sales. All of theses costs are passed on to the consumer and result in a significant increase in the retail price of the holiday.

Designer Way Vacation Club on the other hand is able to pass benefits to its members through the elimination of these costs. In our concept we sell memberships to the Club through a network of Independent Retail Marketers who bear all of their own marketing costs. We then derive income solely from the annual membership fee payable by all of the members and from a surcharge, payable by the Independent Retail Marketing Companies, on sales of Memberships. As we are also primarily based on the Internet, we avoid the need to advertise, print, distribute brochures to travel agents and pay them commission. We have a captive audience of quality members who book directly with us, therefore eliminating the traditional costs associated with any tour operation, we then pass this saving to our members as discounts.

Utilising industry surplus

It is a fact that any hotel, resort, cruise ship or accommodation provider has normally less than eighty percent occupancy. However, their overheads remain the same whether they are eighty percent or one hundred percent occupied. It would be natural to assume that these holiday providers would then wish to fill the remaining twenty percent through promotion ie. discounting the retail price to the general public. This would help them achieve a larger profit through the utilisation of the surplus.

In the past this type of promotion has been used, however it has been found to cause a problem for the accommodation suppliers as it devalued their product and encouraged consumers to wait until the last minute to make reservations in the hope of a discount.

Designer Way Vacation Club assists hotels, resorts, cruise ships and accommodation providers by purchasing the surplus space at a discounted price and offering that discounted space to our members. It’s what we call a win-win situation! The accommodation suppliers are paid for their surplus space, the discounts are not available to the general public therefore avoiding the devaluation of their product, and the discounted prices are then passed as benefits to our members.

Global Distribution System

All the Holidays coming from The buying power of the collective membership, Eliminating the traditional development and marketing costs and Utilising industry surplus are entered into the Pro Travel Solutions GDS and are directly accessible to our members through our web site.

Who decides what destinations are contracted into the GDS?

The Members Survey.

At Designer Way Vacation Club we understand clearly that holiday trends change constantly with the passing of time, hence every year a holiday survey of our membership is conducted by our service provider.

The information supplied by this survey from our members is then collated and analysed to produce instructions to the GDS contracting department of the service provider; this system ensures that the correct availability is contracted to suit our members requirements.

What if the member requires something that is not in the GDS?

Net cost Tour Operations.

In the event that we do not have what our clients require in the GDS we also have the Travel Club with access to many other tour operators holidays which we pass onto our members at net with the commission that a travel agent would usually earn being passed on to our member directly as a discount resulting in a system that has everything!