The Concept

Save Time & Money Guaranteed

We now live in a very fast moving World where time, in particular leisure time is at a premium and as such the need to maximise and not waste any of this precious time is greater than in any period of history, it is often said that time is money!; With this in mind we have designed our concept so that all our members will make substantial saving in time because of three benefits, Internet, Service Standard and One Call.

Service Standard

Our guaranteed level of service to save you time and money.

One Call

Members of Designer Way Vacation Club benefit from substantial savings of time due to the fact they make one call to Pro Travel Solutions our service provider and everything is arranged on their behalf.


We have a unique on line booking system were members may book their holiday on line with substantial savings in time spent, even if the client prefers to talk to the reservation operators personally substantial saving in time are still achieved because the client has all the information available for his perusal at his finger tips on the internet.